Friday, September 04, 2009

W.W.E. Grabs Another R.O.H. Star

Ring of Honor this morning announced that former R.O.H. Champion Nigel McGuinness has signed on with the W.W.E. This is another big loss for R.O.H. and follows Bryan Danielson's move to the W.W.E.. I recently wrote here that there were rumors that W.W.E. was going to raid the roster of Ring of Honor after R.O.H. decided to air their weekly show on Monday nights at 8 as a lead-in to Raw. That was a rumor and I'm not going to call it an official raid after just two signings, but where there is smoke there could be fire. We'll see.

What the W.W.E. gets in McGuinness is a solid in-ring talent that knows how to get under a crowd's skin. At the end of the Ring of Honor show I saw last year, McGuinness stood in the middle of the ring all alone with the R.O.H. Title on his shoulder and was being booed like I have never seen anyone booed before! I could definitely see him fitting in on E.C.W. with William Regal's new faction.

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