Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sean Kilkelly's Thoughts

When I usually plan an Odds & Sods posting, I write down some thoughts or subjects that come to my mind over the course of a couple of days and then I put something together. Today, though, I'm going to blog a bit differently. These are random thoughts that have gone through my mind the last 24 hours or so, that I decided to jot on a piece of paper. Just as I wrote them down, they appear; punctuation, grammar, etc. mattering not at all. They run the gamut (word of the day) and may lead to a future posting, or not, so away we go:

tired today, didn't sleep very well last night, result of stressful event yesterday...Rescue Me is on tonight, show is not as good as last girl at work seems unfriendly, walked out of building simultaneously how are things going...fine...she didn't seem like chatting, OK whatever, but it's a long walk across the lot, the silence will be awkward, suddenly, I hear the vocals of Paul McCartney singing "the long and winding road." Quick Sean, stop, pretend to be fumbling for something in your bag, like maybe you forgot something...OK have a good night...I just had some dark Raisinets, supposedly good for you, dark chocolate, raisins, antioxidants...What's for lunch? Oh yeah, too tired to make a real sandwich so I made PB&J on whole wheat...Rangers are about to sign Mike Peca, there's just too many jokes that could come from his last name, Ha Ha, good player though...Phil Rizzuto died, reminded me of Nick the Butcher from the old Gristedes, he was nice, always gave me a piece of ham or turkey when I was a kid. Reminds me of Reggie bars they used to sell at that store back then...Slam Poetry tonight at Barnes & Noble, don't feel like reading again, but that probably will change. I will definitely read Friday night in Sleepy Hollow...Day is dragging....Tired....Need some of that Woody Woodpecker Tonic, oh yeah The Bat stole it, ha ha...feel like M&Ms, which kind? Plain or peanut? I like 'em both, I think there are more in a bag of plain though...Going to lunch tomorrow with work people, Greek place, hope it's good...have to leave work early Friday, important errand...bored with current book, almost done with it, maybe I'll get a book tonight.

So that's that! Just random stuff that has floated in and out of my head.


Anonymous said...

If I was in your head, I'd be insane. Well, I'm already insane, so it doesn't matter. Have you seen Gone Baby, Gone? Great movie.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...


No I haven't seen it, I heard it is a very good movie though. I'll have to rent it.