Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rangers, Who Take A Walk On The Wild Side...

OK, so the Rangers-Sabres are even in more ways than one. I was shocked that Daniel Brierre's goal late in the game against the Blueshirts did not count. It wasn't ruled a goal on the ice, so there had to be conclusive evidence when they went to the video replay to prove otherwise. I thought it was in and we were going to overtime, however, with the logic that the video crew used I can understand why it was not counted. But the officiating has been dreadful and I suppose is now even for both teams, as is the series 2-2. I was sweating though during the review, as I'm sure was Henrik Lundqvist. We take a break until Friday night when the Rangers will face the Sabres in Buffalo. Hey, the Islanders won a game at the HSBC Arena, so why can't the Blueshirts.

A few other thoughts on the N.H.L. and the Playoffs:
  • Is it really possible that the Devils are going to lose to Ottawa? I say they tie things up tonight.

  • The Ducks are up 3-1 against the Canucks and look to me like they'll be in the Stanley Cup Finals. But I also expect Anaheim to have a hell of a series first, with either Detroit or San Jose.

  • Bill Clement is tough to take, but Joe Beninati and Darin Elliott are the worst announcers ever!

  • If the N.H.L. continues to send their players to the Olympics, the U.S. is in great shape in between the pipes with Ryan Miller and Rick DiPietro.

  • Rumors are swirling about Alex Kovalev getting traded to Washington; Vincent Lecavlier going to Montreal; and Ryan Smyth getting a whopping contract offer from Calgary.

Meanwhile, we can all mull over if NBC's President and CEO Jeff Zucker and NBC's hockey analyst Pierre McGuire are indeed separated at birth (Zucker's picture above is first then McGuire's).

Or you can check out this video of Pete Townshend and Lou Reed performing at Joe's Pub in New York City.

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