Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's A Sunny Day...Really It is!

So much negativity in the news these days, it seems that our country is filled with degenerates. Although, I think the reality is that it is just a small minority of people and that it is really the media that loves to focus in on the worst case scenarios. Of course, I am not trying to diminish what took place at Virginia Tech. However, the fact is that ever since 9/11 our media has taken a "heightened state of alert" approach to their reporting. The storm, Imus, Rosie, Anna Nicole, it's no wonder we aren't all just complete shut ins deathly afraid of one another.Yet, in many ways we are just that. Unable to trust one another and driven by immense and unrealistic fear.

Let me say this, what do people really expect? So many folks do not vote and do not take part; nor do we hold our elected leaders responsible. Therefore, we end up with laws that are lax and thus people who have no business coming anywhere near a firearm end up in possession of not just one, but so many weapons it becomes too numerous to count. If you take a stand against guns or abortion, people say you are trespassing on their freedoms. Then we go to the other extreme with those who wish the U.S. would become a theocracy. We have created a society where people are so impatient that if you don't move at the exact moment the light turns green, then we have to slam on our horns. For what? Why are we in such a rush that we would risk our life and the lives of others?

We have become a country that is just not reasonable. Is there anything unreasonable about having strict laws against gun ownership? Obviously, there are people who just are not mentally fit enough to possess a gun. Is that not true? There are so many people who act nuts when they are driving a motor vehicle, do we really want those same types of people toting a pistol? How about actually making an attempt to see who the hell is coming in and out of our country, and if they already have a criminal record?

We tolerate the shrillness of Hillary Clinton and the out of touch with reality that is President G.W. Bush. We wonder why Iraq has gone so terribly wrong, but don't ever question why we fund the war from both ends? We buy oil from the Saudis and a good number of people from the House of Saud are either sympathetic to or completely in bed with al-Qaeda in Iraq. Have we even had one intelligent conversation about 9/11?

For God's sake has any of us wondered why Bill Clinton's former National Security Adviser, Sandy Berger, only got a $5,000 fine for stuffing his socks with documents from the National Archive and even destroying some of them?

This country is so much like Humpty Dumpty right now, and we all know what happened to him. The thing that really scares me, is that I'll bet you there are a lot of people who have no idea who the old Humpster was!

But that's enough of that for the moment. Before I go and save the world, I'm going to celebrate the Rangers' first playoff series win in 10 years...and while I'm at it why don't we all enjoy these two pics of Tammy Lynn Sytch, better known as Sunny!


Rob Adams said...


The one thing I will comment on about this - and you're right on about virtually everything - is that we're in a constant state of rush because we are an overworked society that has to live 50 miles (perhaps an exaggeration) from our jobs. Then we have to shuttle kids to practice and games and school and daycare, do home chores, and so on. It's crazy but that's part of the reality.

Sean G. Kilkelly said...

Good points ol' boy, or should I say good -----, never mind.